About Us

„Laiptai Gallery“ is a center of culture in the city of Šiauliai – it is known and recognized as a cultural institution in Lithuania. The main sphere of activity is the dissemination of art on a professional basis – where the most important thing is the professional art. “Laiptai Gallery” is faithful to the tradition of art, focused on artists of the middle generation and pays special attention to presentations of the creative works of emigrated artists – there is no other cultural institution or a private collector in the Northern Lithuania, where would be so much works of emigrated artists and has held an exhibition of their works.

Žibuntas Mikšys (Paris) is a protector and assistant of „Laiptai Gallery“. Lithuanian artists who create and live abroad were presented. There is accumulated a unique collection of art works due to his efforts.

For the first and only time in Lithuania „Laiptai Gallery“ of Šiauliai held the exhibition of lithographs by the artist Vytautas Kasiulis (Paris).


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